Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The last 3.5 years...

Hello fans!
I had not written a blog post since either May 2012 or 2013! Long time ago to say the least! Since I opened up my Facebook Fan Page I just dedicated myself to that page and forgot about this one. I decided to delete all of my past posts and start all over on here! I have come so far since I first opened up in January 2011. If you guys check out my Facebook Fan Page you will be able to see all of the amazing and delicious things I have created thus far! So many things I have learned and so many new skills I have acquired as well. When I first started, with every order and with everything I made I got better and better, and to this day I am still learning new techniques and better ways to serve people, but I am happy and very pleased at where I am now after all this time. For all of you who are wanting to be bakers, practice does make perfect and with trial and error you will learn and be successful! Just some words of encouragement! :)
I also officially opened up my Etsy Shop last month to make some of my items available for shipping nationwide! That is a huge step for me! Today I actually shipped out my very first order - - 60 Hello Kitty Cake Pops all the way to Arkansas! With this hot weather, I am crossing my fingers that they arrive intact!
I am glad to be back at doing this blogging thing! Check back for future posts and make sure to check out my Facebook Fan Page and my Etsy shop!

Happy Baking!